Table Mountain Casino

Maximizing ROI from both ends of the equation.

The Challenge.

Gaming competition in the region is aggressive—particularly with a newer, larger and more amenity-rich competitor located just 15 minutes north of the casino. Revenue had been sliding since the economic slump hit the Central Valley. At the same time the casino was experiencing rising media costs, an elevated Players Club attrition rate and very little measurable ROI from its agency relationship at the time. The Tribal Council recognized the property's image had slipped within the community, and a new competitor had taken a bite out of the existing player market. The Council felt a more aggressive agency partnership was needed to help stop the slide and regain Table Mountain's dominant position within the local market.

The Execution.

After successfully renegotiating media buys, Catalyst refreshed the casino’s brand with a new campaign. "Get Your Win On!" connected a broader demographic with the experience of winning through multiple coordinated channels, including new TV and radio spots in both English and Spanish, print, direct mail, outdoor and online, including banner ads, e-blasts and social media. The campaign elements were also used throughout the property’s internal POP, such as slot toppers and plasma screen displays, to help reinforce brand consistency. The new campaign delivered a custom music package and jingle, along with fresh, vibrant imagery featuring the face of its younger and more diverse gamers and promoting the many amenities available at the casino.

The Results.

Re-negotiated media costs resulted in a Q4 savings of nearly $85,000, while increasing added value delivery by 25% and developing proprietary print placements in local newspapers and radio traffic reports. The level of creative production in the new campaign was significantly elevated and executed in an extremely tight time frame to meet November and December broadcast and publication deadlines— all without an increase in production costs to the casino. Since its launch in 2013, the new branding campaign and advertising support for weekly promotions has stemmed the tide of the casino’s market erosion and helped put the casino on firm ground again.

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