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Catalyst Marketing Company is a full-service, integrated marketing agency with offices in California and Hawaii. Our team brings you the best of strategy, creative, media and public relations. We offer innovative, big ideas with smart marketing solutions to add value to your brand. And we're ready to be not just your agency — but your partner in creating lasting success.

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    From research regarding current visitors or players, to a qualitative analysis of marketing challenges and opportunities, Catalyst considers every aspect of the guests’ experience to create pointed and powerful creative.

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    For tourism and destination businesses, we have driven huge increases in online activity, created successful strategic plans, social media campaigns and delivered maximum exposure — all while delivering more cost-efficient results.

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    By starting — and shaping — the conversation, our public relations and social media experts create buzz that ultimately brings new visitors to your destination and lasting loyalty to your brand.

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    From the latest industry trends to travel insights, our Catablog is where our team of experts will spread the word and keep you in the know.

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