the TEAM

Be creative in everything — except billing.

Each and every one of our team members represent the spirit of our company: driven, committed, and willing to do what it takes to make our clients successful. We go to great lengths to identify that "magic" in each candidate to make sure that our team is made up of unique individuals who bring something more to our office other than a desk plant.

Meet More
  • Mark Astone

    Mark Astone


  • Michael Glauser

    Michael Glauser

    Senior Account Leader

  • Josh Williams

    Josh Williams

    Client Services Director

  • Vern Crow

    Vern Crow

    Senior Account Executive

  • Larry Baugh

    Larry Baugh

    Associate Creative Director

  • team5

    Stephanie Stoven

    Senior Media Planner/Buyer

  • andrew astone

    Andrew Astone

    Account Leader

  • amy bier-stanberry

    Amy Bier-Stanberry

    Accounting Clerk

  • andrea salvio

    Andrea Salvio

    Media Planner/Buyer

  • josie arias

    Josie Arias

    Accounting Manager

  • shelby collins

    Shelby Collins

    Account Leader

  • mary carter

    Mary Carter

    Studio Artist

  • tiffany maki

    Tiffany Maki

    Chief Operating Officer

  • monica arnaldo

    Monica Arnaldo

    Media Planner/Buyer

  • jessie roseli

    Jessie Roseli

    Office Manager

  • yolanda chavez

    Yolanda Chavez

    Graphic Designer

  • michele raffanello

    Michele Raffanello

    Senior Media Planner/Buyer

  • vikki pass

    Vikki Pass

    Senior Media Director

  • bob bates

    Bob Bates

    Account Service

  • denee conner

    Denee Conner

    Director of Events

  • Krit Dolsophon

    Krit Dolsophon

    Senior Web Developer

  • Miguel Avila

    Miguel Avila

    Studio Artist

  • Matt Banzin

    Matt Banzin

    Graphic Designer

  • Rachel-Ward

    Rachel Ward

    Production Manager

  • Martina-Her

    Martina Her

    Digital Designer

  • Georgette Shuman

    Georgette Shuman

    Studio Artist

  • Eva Gonzales

    Eva Gonzales

    Traffic Coordinator

  • Sarah Marquez

    Alex Blake

    Account Coordinator

  • Sarah Marquez

    William McComas

    Account Coordinator