Reopening Playbook

Here at Catalyst, we always strive to be the best partner we can be for our clients, in every aspect of their business.  During these past two months, our partnerships have risen to a whole new level of collaboration and problem-solving. As an agency, our Catalyst Team has spent this time evaluating and identifying the new and unique challenges we are all faced with as we move forward.  Now that the time has come to re-center and begin advancing on the path to re-opening, we are bringing with us real-time solutions.

During the closure period, we developed several initiatives that go beyond the typical media, creative and normal strategy and planning that most agencies are known for:

  • Messaging campaigns for closure and reopening including a spot we provided without charge, that our clients utilized in broadcast, digital and social media immediately upon closure Stop the Spread Spot
  • Hosting a valuable weekly group call with clients, and industry friends to share new information and discuss challenges and solutions
  • Surveying close to 40,000 casino guests across the country to identify their thoughts on reopening Casino Guest Survey Results
  • Identifying technologies that can assist with crowd control upon reopening Crowd Control Technology

And, finally, developing a Reopening Playbook that focuses on solutions to the challenges we identified. It provides media strategy options, guest contact strategies, a reminder checklist and additional items for properties to consider as they plan reopening.

All agencies are not equal!  We believe that has been clearly demonstrated by how we have responded to this crisis and stepped up for our clients.  We would truly enjoy the opportunity to do the same for you!  We encourage you to download the playbook and sincerely hope you get value from it as you work on your reopening strategies.  If you like what you see, let’s have a conversation about how we can further assist you!  We would love to help you in this challenging time and beyond!