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At Catalyst we recognize that we are here to help you solve your marketing challenges. We know you have goals to meet. Whether that is to grow your business, deal with competition, or introduce new products or services, we take a sound strategic approach to helping you address those issues. We apply our practical experience, grounded in sound research to deliver measurable success. This is what we mean by Smart Work! We know that what we do matters to your business! We take that very seriously which is why we track everything from impressions to sales, from clicks to bookings, from promotions to coin in. We count it, because it counts!

Brand Development
Starting with the foundation of research, we gain deep insight that allows us to create brands that are not only successful but sustainable. Brand development works when it’s done smartly. Catalyst knows smart work turns successful brands into loyal customers.
Media Planning & Placement
With more than forty years of strategically planning and placing media for local, regional and national companies, there is no job that we cannot handle. We make sure your current, and potential customer, see your message and interact with your brand where and how you want them to.
Graphic Design & Production
Understanding what drives people to take action is what drives our creative team. Insights, research, experience and inspiration allow us to create work that breaks through the clutter. You spend a considerable amount of your budget on advertising, it’s our job to make that creative return your investment.
Digital Media
Online advertising is the fastest changing area of marketing. We place all of our digital advertising in-house allowing for full control of our campaigns and increased budget effectiveness. We are well versed in the ever-changing landscape and will make recommendations that fit your budget and drive awareness and response.

Available Services

  • Media Planning and Placement
  • Interactive and Digital Media
  • Graphic Design
  • Brand Development
  • Direct TV, Radio and Video Production
  • Social Media Strategic Planning
  • Market Research
  • Promotional Development
  • Creative Writing
  • Content Development
  • Public Relations
  • Government Affairs
  • Community Relations
  • Direct Marketing
  • Web Design & Development
  • Event Planning

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We solve problems through creativity, collaboration and results.  An agency built of world-class talent that believes context is just as important as the work. Our approach to effective advertising revolves around influence and the ability to create things people actually want. We have a spirit of authenticity that defines our culture.